Gogol mogol

Gogol mogol is a new brand, created on the occasion of a design contest between members of the European Packaging Design Association. To celebrate a 20th anniversary event the epda organized special DIY contest to allow members to propose future packaging across many categories. KIAN branding agency developed the idea for a new brand, created name for it and also we developed package and shape design.

In the future, cooking eggs will be as easy as pulling the package. Gogol mogol is an ambitious project: boil eggs can be very time consuming, so Gogol mogol is a new way of cooking, storing and of course, packing eggs.

The package design enables store owners to sold these eggs by arranging them in vertical position and also these eggs won’t occupy much space in your bag. Each individual package for an egg is made from recycled cardboard with several layers. Under the first cardboard layer is the second — catalyst. Then there is a membrane, separating catalyst from some smart material (smart material is the third layer). When you are pulling out membrane (by stretching a tag), chemical reaction between a catalyst and a smart material begins, and the egg begins to heat up. So, in a few minutes, when you open the cover of the egg package, you have a boiled egg — easy breakfast with Gogol Mogol.

KIAN with the Gogol mogol, an individual egg packaging that at the same time offers a new way of boiling eggs, has won anniversary Design It Yourself contest.


Bronze ADCR Awards 2012

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